Mean Girls Club Cookout! PART ONE AND TWO

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For faster streaming we have split The Meangirls Cookout into 2 parts.

Mean and bratty Alex Coal has decided that earnest Violet October just isn’t gonna cut it in the club. Gypsy is loyal to her leader Alex and follows along. The mean girls decide that they are gonna play a game with poor Violet. What they plan on doing is quite twisted, but Violet does not quite get it until it is too late. The mean girls manage to tie up their victim for a little hazing. But this goes beyond what most sororities do. Alex happens to be extra sadistic, and her clan happens to like to cook and eat the weaker girls of their class when they do not feel they will fit into the club, or when they just find them to be tasty! This little piggy is in for some humiliation and peril!

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