A Witch in the Family

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Shavelle Love has been a real brat. Her dad, Uncle Mega, is sick and tired of dealing with her. Daddy drops Shavelle off at her auntie’s house. Her auntie, Makayla Cox, happens to be a wicked witch. She is the one in the family who everyone sends their misbehaving daughters to. This is because usually they never have to see the brats again once Auntie Makayla has them in her clutches. Shavelle tries to get an attitude with her aunt, only to be quickly put in hr place by the wicked witch. Makayla teaches her nasty little niece, who has been acting like a little SLUT behind her dad’s back, to please her powerful witch desires. Makayla forces Shevelle to savor her juices. Shavelle starts to understand her place, but she has no clue what is in store for her! Auntie Witch knows that no one wants to deal with Shavelle ever again. And Auntie Witch is hungry for the flesh of her own tender kin…


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