Dark Witch – The Movie

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Introducing the first original film created by PulpToon Studios.

In conjunction with the gonzo filmmakers over at PKF Studios, we’ve teamed up to create a lurid fantasy film that explores what happens when one helpless young school girl is dragged to the deepest darkest dungeons of a very wicked witch. Will she escape? Will she maintain her modesty, dignity, and clothing? You will have to watch the film to find out! Enjoy this first foray into the finest in motion picture entertainment from PulpToon Studios.

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4 thoughts on “Dark Witch – The Movie”

  1. Loved the movie theatre feel of this one as well as the idea, the mixture of live action and artwork. The 2 actresses were good, too. 5 stars

  2. Had you ever seen “Addams Family”? Well, it is not a correct question: if you are reading it – there is 90% chance that you did. If not – go and watch NOW, that will improve your satisfaction.
    I always liked products of art from different fandoms. And still do. This video filled a blank place in “Addams” part of my mind: how can it be that such a nice Family don’t eat girls? Absurd! Now it’s clear – they do. Kindly, gently, intelligent and accurate, but still sexy, dark and gothic!

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