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The chef had been noticing his neighbor, Molly Simmons, around town all week.

He’d walked past her on main street.

He watched her through the window sitting in the Town soda shop. Waiting for her order to arrive.

Wondering if she would be his next order.

She had been stopping on the park bench outside his restaurant, every afternoon, for months.

He had caught glimpses of her changing through her bedroom window at night. He was an ardent supporter of the Town’s “No Curtains” rule that had passed into effect last year. The new law forbade certain Town citizens from installing blinds or curtains over their large bedroom windows. Chef Edwards loved this Town.

But this was the week he’d decided enough was enough. He was hungry for his adorable neighbor girl and decided it was time to indulge his appetite. Rules be damned, he would taste her tonight.

Molly was still a student at the local Town Academy studying for her history finals. But to the chef she was a delicious feast waiting for the hands of the right cook. And poor Molly had failed to truly learn the history of his town. Girls like Molly never lasted long.

He stopped her on the street, interrupting her wandering thoughts of bad grades and academy drama. Molly looked up at the chef. He was a big burly man and he was staring at her with an intense hunger.

“Molly, funny running into you here.”

“That’s the fifth time this week Mister Edwards.”

“Maybe it’s fate, eh?”

Mister Edwards was a large Elder. Probably over two centuries in age. A hulking figure that towered over Molly’s slight youthful frame.

“That’s Chef Edwards to you. I was promoted at the Diner.”

“Oh neat… well congratulations.”

Molly gulped hard. She knew what a Diner chef’s job consisted of. Every day they’d snatch a rule breaker from the town and drag them to their perverted kitchen. She wanted to end the conversation and get back to the academy before it got dark.

“It was nice to see you, but I have to run to…”

“Molly, what’s the big hurry? Don’t you want to see the Diner kitchen? Now that I’m a chef I can show you inside…”

“Ummmm gee that’s okay Mister… Chef Edwards. I’ve got to be going.”

“Yes you do have to be going… going into my dinner pot!”

Molly yelped and tried to run. But it was no use.

The Elder’s undead bodies made them faster, stronger, and tireless. She screamed and shouted for help. But the nearby townies just laughed at her.

The Chef grabbed her by the arm and held her in place.

“Look Molly, I like you. You’re a very sweet girl. I don’t want this to be any more embarrassing than it needs to be. Now enough running, you’re coming with me.”

Molly let out a surprise squeal as the chef picked her up in the air. He hoisted her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her towards his kitchen.

Her eyes looked on in terror at the sign. “Delish Diner.” How many girls had seen that same very sign on their fateful last day in town? What kind of perverse secrets lay inside?

Inside the kitchen she could see an exam table and a steaming stockpot the chef had prepared. She looked on in horror at the steamy pot already bubbling. Waiting for her.

The chef was still gentle with her. He set her down next to his exam counter. Molly was nervous, terrified and embarrassed. What was he going to do to her?

The chef smiled a sinister grin looking Molly up and down.
“I’m going to have some fun with you.”

Molly tried to talk her way out of the situation, but it was too late. Her cruel neighbor, the new chef had other plans for her.
“It’s wrong you know! You shouldn’t eat us!”

“You didn’t think it was so wrong when we hired you honey, best not to start trying to get high and mighty with me now. Otherwise I can add a dash of spankings to your recipe.”

Molly blushed at the idea of being spanked by her Elder neighbor. The humiliation of the giant chef punishing her backside with his rough old hands. All she wanted to do was escape somehow. Get out of this town.

Molly whimpered as the chef grabbed at her yellow blouse: “Please sir… don’t do this.”

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8 thoughts on “Delish Diner: COMPLETE EDITION!”

  1. Maybe chef Edwards should be a little carefull about rushing things. If Molly is not yet fair game, and The Elders discover his deds/ intentions, Mr. Edward breaking the laws could lead him to suffer the same fat…that is: A gastronomic “double act”! Worth keeping in mind, I should say!!

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  2. I don’t see any way to download comics other than going through and saving each picture individually. Is there something I’m missing? A .ZIP file would be nice.

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