Ravenous Alien Fox

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The Pentagon has finally released this footage. Anna Kovachenko is sleeping peacefully when she is visited by a very sexy alien(Savannah Fox). This bootylicious alien vixen is hungry for a tasty little blonde cutie like Anna. Anna is mesmerized by the sexy creature as the the Alien strips Anna and decides she is hungry and wants to devour her human captive. Anna tries to suggest fast food instead, but the Alien wants something more exotic. The Alien transports them both back to her ship where she prepares and stuffs frightened Anna, who cannot help being aroused despite her situation. Soon anna is placed in an extraterrestrial oven and cooks away to be sustenance for this pervy space fox.




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2 thoughts on “Ravenous Alien Fox”

  1. This was an amazing watch! 🥰 Not only because Anna and Savanna were absolutely stunning in their performance (and I think Anna makes for an amazing roast 😛) but it was tiny details again that got me all excited. When the meat helped opening her dress and then willingly gets herself naked for the extraterrestrial visitor.. this undertone of her actually wanting to give herself to the alien, even though she’s still a little afraid just made the whole experience so much sweeter for me 😍

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