Cheerleaders in Trouble!

Number Of Photos:4     |  Added: 2015-07-05   |    Categorie:  Monsters, Peril, Pulp Toon

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Artist Jordi illustrates a special comic adventure staring two naive cheerleaders who get sidetracked on their way to cheer practice. Curvy Christa and blonde, slender Manda end up exploring an abandoned house. The community decided what would happen to these damsels by voting. Full stories are all here!

To be Continued!

One thought on “Cheerleaders in Trouble!”

  1. Good artwork and idea, I think…and the cheerleaders aren’t stupid or giving up which is nice. Kind of wish the the thread had been continued where one would have been forced to prepare and cook her friend…either hating to do it or maybe figuring better her friend than herself.

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