Air 51

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Lita Lecherous and Jazmin Luv are both flight attendants on an alien spacecraft line called Air 51. They are disgruntled employees, seeing that their bosses can eat them whenever they get sick of the crappy airline food. Actually, Lita and Jazmin are more like captives who are made to serve these reptilian human eaters. The distress makes them edgy and irritated, so they decide to soothe themselves while the captain isn’t looking by getting it on in the galley. They know getting caught would cost them their jobs, but they don’t get paid anything but longer life anyways..and who knows how long THAT will last. Sure enough, one of the alien crew members comes in and catches the girls in mid-amore. The girls are now naked, so this instantly makes the alien decide that it is indeed time to eat them as he looks over their sexy, tasty bodies. They got to taste each other. Now it’s time for them to be tasted. Head Alien Captain Delicious prepares the bound broilers and they argue and banter and bitch and moan and negotiate until they are both finally silenced with apple gags. Then they are roasted and served to the hungry aliens. Who says flight food has to suck?

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One thought on “Air 51”

  1. Two nubile stewardesses realize that their Saucer Reptilian abductors plan to cook and devour them. Good premise for an adaptation from the Twilight Zone. Now, to add some spice, or maybe some salt and pepper, cook the two nubile, naked, nymphs as seen by the green hand brushing the proper oil upon the naked bodies of the stewardesses. But, once the two have been cooked add several green Reptilian Saucermen surround the serving table where the naked and well-cooked to the green Reptilian’s delight. Then close around the table and go through the motions of ripping their well-cooked nubile carcasses are being ripped apart and devoured by ravenous green Reptilians. Next camera shot will be a table with bone strewn across the table and on the floor as the green Reptilians leave the table with their bellies a tad large and one of the green Reptilians is walking off while eating a piece of a) an arm, b) a foot, c) a thigh bone, d) a breast, e) a piece of pussy filet. Bon a petite!

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