The Cann Cafe Part One: Comic AND Audio!

Number Of Photos:15     |  Added: 2017-07-08   |    Categorie:  Cannibals, Peril, Pulp Toon, Taboo

The Cann Cafe is an ongoing tale about a restaurant that serves up a very special kind of meat…girl meat! Jenn, who is the daughter of the owner, is nervous about ‘take your daughter to work day’. After all, her dad works there! And it turns out, one of her piers, Steve, works there also. It just so happens that Steve’s little sister is on the menu! Enjoy the first 13 panels and narration by Agatha Delicious. Art by J.M. And stay tuned for more!


The tale of the Cann Cafe continues as we start to see┬áthe fate of Steve’s little sister unfold! Lots of playful prepping ahead and sensual sensations as this damsel experiences her distress! Things will be especially awkward for Steve when he finds out his favorite sis Lori is on the menu in the place he works…


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