Return of the Zombie Goremet!

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The 6th original film collaboration from & PKF Studios!

Egads! The zombie apocalypse is back! And those hungry undead fiends have a new season of their horrifying cooking show!!! What happens when they catch two new nubile young babes and strip them nude on live TV!? What horror awaits as these buxom beauties are oiled up nude and turned into zombie food in front of undead studio audience!!?!

You must watch the film to find out! Enjoy this latest foray into the finest in motion picture entertainment from PulpToon Studios.

Alexander as the Zombie Goremet
Jessika as Kristina (aka The Appetizer)
Jizzabelle as The Main Course

B Camera and Production Manager by Trixi Gunns

Jib Camera and Director John Marshall

A Film by PKF Studios

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