A Samhain Witch

Number Of Photos:26     |  Added: 2016-10-11   |    Categorie:  Peril, Witches

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The one and only dominatrix Nyxon plays a hungry witch who lays in wait on a cold Halloween night for her prey. Sure enough, sweet little Ivy is tempted into Nyxon’s house by a trail of candy. As soon as Ivy, who is dressed up like an autumn fairy for Halloween, takes a big bite out of a lollipop, she finds herself magically zapped into┬áthe cluthes of the witch. But Ivy accepts her fate as the witch’s slave and submits!

One thought on “A Samhain Witch”

  1. I love witches! Both models are good actresses and their looks fit their roles. The only unfortunate thing is the dinner’s tats. I like this retelling of a traditonal cannibal story. Nicely done!

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