‘The Cann Cafe 2’ – [30 minute movie]

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The Cann Cafe 2 featuring Ashley Lane and Gavin Steele is a tale of  culinary love. When Ashley one day happens to be surfing the web, she sees that she is on the Cann Cafe online menu! Ashley’s family has been behind in payments and that is how things work in this town if one is in debt. Daddy, played by Gavin, does the right thing and orders his little girl so that HE can serve her up instead of some pervy stranger. Ashley is embarrassed and bratty, defiant of her and becoming dinner. But after a good spanking, Gavin is able to get his reluctant roast in line…

Ashley is stripped and inspected by her dad. The thermometer is placed in Ashley’s rump to see if she is healthy enough to cook. Dad also takes his time making sure she is shaved and testing his d@ughter’s cunt filet by bringing it to wetness with sk1llful fingers to improve flavor. Dad also tastes Ashley’s feet, enjoying their flavor raw. Then Ashley is washed and scrubbed clean and shiny, her young, pink flesh glistening.

After a good bath, Ashley is now ready to be prepped. When Gavin ordered Ashley, he was sure to follow the cooking directions. He follows the recipe step by step from start to finish, basting Ashley’s soft skin, pert breasts and tender thighs and rump. Ashley is basted and rubbed down from back to front. She is again administered the rump meat thermometer. She tries to change dad’s mind, but dad explains the way of the world to her, even though he loves his little girl. Ashley is popped into the oven and roasts away. Dad checks her temperature again via rump with the meat thermometer. He also turns her so she cooks on both sides. Once Ashley is served, a nice carrot garnish is worked into her hot, cooked pussy as dad enjoys his feast.

Ashley Lane
Gavin Steele

Agatha Delicious


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5 thoughts on “‘The Cann Cafe 2’ – [30 minute movie]”

  1. Cann-cafe… What can be told about it? A brand-new, thrilling and erotic franchise in the fandom called “Pulptoon”.
    Now – about the subject. From my point of view it is a little bit better than another “Cann-cafe” movie. Why? Avoiding spoilers, IM always on chief’s side. And really do not like incidents… Even when a girl is sexy and cooked.
    If you want to see a nice, kind and delicious culinary film from an alternative cannibal universe – this is your choice!

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