Mr. B’s Culinary Class Part ONE & TWO [in HD]

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Stephie Starr and Riley Reyes are both in the same culinary class, taught by the notorious Mr. Bradford. Riley, who is not as studious as Stephie, decides to look over her shoulder one day during a test in Mr. B’s class. Stephie warns Riley to stop. Before the girls know it, they both end up being punished for Riley’s delinquent behavior. Stephie is more nervous that Riley. There are a lot of wild rumors about Mr. B. apparently he used to work in a restaurant that served girls…and not as restaurant guests but as MEALS on platters! Riley laughs it off, foolishly taking the whole thing too lightly in her brave and reckless innocence. But nerdy Stephie is afraid! Well, without giving away the story, I will tell you that you are in for a culinary adventure with a tender, young, naive and adorable flavor!

Part TWO coming Soon! Please RATE and COMMENT!


Riley Reyes, Stephie Starr, Marshall Bradford



Part TWO Please RATE and COMMENT!


Our tale takes a wild turn as Mr. B. has helpless Stephie and Riley in his hungry culinary clutches! Even his star pupil finds herself in jeopardy…stay tuned and watch as out twisted story unfolds and ends in a delicious outcome.


Riley Reyes, Stephie Starr, Marshall Bradford

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5 thoughts on “Mr. B’s Culinary Class Part ONE & TWO [in HD]”

  1. That is nice. Pure culinary-class video, that can be mistakenly taken as a documentary. And posted (trailer), somewhere. Just imagine faces of high-moral idi…humans 🙂
    Good job. Worth to be seen!

  2. So this comment is more part 2 specific:

    I really digged the way these lovely women were presented throughout, but even more so at the end with em both laying face down on the island with apples in their mouths. So much so that I find myself pausing the vid right there before the camera moves on. These women are both A1 and i really loved seeing Riley Reyes… *BONER ALERT* : ) Well done and worth every penny.

    On a side note… I cannot find the stars to click on either through chrome on my phone or internet explorer on my laptop. My aplogies if i should not be stating that here.

    Thank you so much for the great vids.

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