Oven Encounter[updated 8/30/2023]

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Incredible erotic writer ‘Sawney Bean’ and classical artist Oleg bring this collaboration of kinky fun. A hapless girl in a King’s kitchen finds herself in peril as she is prepared to be the main course for a royal banquet. In the the oven, she meets Brian, another long pig. The oven temperature starts low, meant to slowly rise, which ends up giving the two dishes time to get to know each other…Our damsel is surprised to see that Brian seems quite calm about his fate. Perhaps he has an alternative plan? Stay tuned as this clever, kinky and fun peril story unfolds. More coming soon!



The End! If you wanna see more art from the amazing Oleg and more stories by Sawney, comment and like!

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6 thoughts on “Oven Encounter[updated 8/30/2023]”

  1. It’s unfortunate for me that there’s a male victim in this one. That just really isn’t my cup of tea. A pre-dispatch discussion like this one between two female meats would have been perfect.

    1. I’m halfway with you on that. On the one hand, I don’t get off on seeing wang, but on the other hand I’m not into lesbian sex either. With this specifically I think we are in for a plot twist where the male turns out to be the king or the head chef. He’s roleplaying to get off, and then once he’s done with her he’ll jump out and leave her to roast.

      This is all assuming this ever get’s finished. I swear this site doesn’t release enough to be worth $20 a month.

  2. I finally saw the completed illustrations for this story. I’m so impressed by Oleg’s work. Could not have hoped for a better comic from this story. You’re an amazing artist, and captured the emotions and attitudes of the characters perfectly. Thank you so much!

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