Empress Messalina’s Celebration(both parts)

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Our tale takes place in Heathen Rome, long ago, during the reign of the beautiful and devious Empress Messalina, (Jolene Hexx). It is the annual feast day and the Empress has her court gathered. Her loyal slave Asia Perez is at her side. A new slave, (Cheyenne Jewel), is to be brought before the Empress. This slave is to be stripped and toyed with by the entire court as well as tasted and enjoyed like a prized lamb. This sassy new slave turns out to be quite bold, much to the Empress’s, her smug slave’s, and her court’s amusement. Cheyenne is punished well for her insolence as Asia smirks and the court laughs. Cheyenne is reprimanded as she hangs suspended from the ropes. The lords and ladies all takes their turn flogging this property before they pour wine all over her tender body to taste and lick her well.


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