The Social Media Witch Part One and Two

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There is nothing more demonic than the fame obsessed black magic of the average social media fame whore. Well, actually there is…a social media WITCH. Agatha Delicious plays Helen the Hellish, a social media obsessed sorceress who gains power from her views and subscribers. She feeds her audience with the flesh of innocent girls from all around the world, gaining more likes and views by capturing, tormenting, playing with, enjoying and cooking her captive damsels LIVE for her audience to see on Paranormal-scope! In this tale, Brit, (Lola Pearl) and Abby, (Alex Coal), are two unsuspecting teens being baby-sat by the strange Helen, who they are starting to suspect has ulterior as the twisted tale unfolds on at PULPTOON!

Lots of perverse peril is in store for these two maidens at that hands of wicked Helen!




Things heat up in the witch’s lair as she shows off her catch to her viewers on a live stream!The poor, helpless, embarrassed and petrified girls shiver and plead. The viewers have voted, and a heated fate is in store for our damsels, from soup to banana splits! Abby is afraid but can’t help copping an attitude as she is tormented by the hungry witch. And pitiful little Brit is simply petrified, but certainly not a simple girl…
Do they stand a chance against the evil witch and her evil audience?

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9 thoughts on “The Social Media Witch Part One and Two”

  1. Great video, I love the multiple camera angles and the role play is fantastic! Alex Coal is my favorite for sure, such a pretty ass, can’t wait for part 2!!

  2. ow my devil. That was hot, funny, erotic and, most importantly, IRONIC. Wouldn’t say any spoilers, but an ending gives a question: will it be a third part? Amm…please? Begging you?
    Just when I thought that appetite is satisfied, you made it grow much, much more!

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