The Bad Vacation

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SIX huge pages packed with twisted, wild panels!

Brenda and her inheritor Annie are in for a surprise when they leave their comfy, modern lives to explore the mountains of Norway. They do not realize that the modern and peaceful Nordic country has ancient and terrible secrets hidden in the wilds that even the people of Norway know nothing about. Not only to the two clueless women stumble upon a  tribe of throwback hungry female heathen warriors. Just when the two damsels think their luck has run out, they are saved! But, their savior is not helping them for their own health, for he happens to be a HUGE and hungry ogre! The poor pair of victims don’t stand a chance!

See comic below to find out what happens next!

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3 thoughts on “The Bad Vacation”

  1. Hi….and thank´s for this comic!!!!

    Ok…i rate it with 4 Stars. Great Comic with a nice Story, beautyful Girls and they end up on the Dinnertable. I like this style.
    I love the style of drawing and coloring.

    For me misses a panel or two with the eating scene, story could be longer and a little darker and some blood would be ok.
    But that´s only my opinion 🙂 and that´s why i don´t give 5 Stars!

  2. This is too fucking hot!! I might be biased and all, as a Norwegian ogre, but thats definatly the most delicious comic to date

  3. I wound up giving it 5 stars by mistake. I meant to give it 3…mainly for the excellent artwork. Kind of wish the story hadn’t been so abbreviated and I’m not into penises that much…even an Ogre’s

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