The Thanksgiving Girl Next Door

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Zoey Laine has been a very bad neighbor girl to Shay Fox who lives next door. This snooty little brat has often sneered at Shay’s inheritor, Alexis Blaze. When Zoey broke Shay’s window, that was the last straw. It happens to be Thanksgiving, and Shay needs a big bird for her oven, anyways. Shay has decided to pick young Zoey for her ‘guest of honor’. Shay and her kin, Alexis, taunt Zoey from the oven window. Zoey is then served alive. This is not a bad thing, according to Shay. She decides that they will give the little bird one last orgasm before she is tasted to make her extra tender. Zoey has been resistant but now starts to accept her fate as she orgasms hard.


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2 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Girl Next Door”

  1. One of the better videos in my opinion. The girl is trapped and her dialogue and reactions pretty good. The two cannibals are down to earth and enjoying what they’re doing as seemingly a normal thing for them to do and their dialogue is pretty reasonable. The cooking scene done nicely. The entree’s sudden conversion to being thrilled about being eaten was a bit abrupt, I thought.

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