Cannigram: Serves you Right! EPIC saga of kinky cann madness

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Cannigram: Serves you Right – FULL COMPLETE EPIC SAGA

We present a twisted tale from The Town in 3D! Big brother Brad is obligated to serve at the Cann Cafe . The story unfolds in a series of posts on the popular platform Cannigram as Brads and his little sisters end up in the famed kitchen and perverted things start to happen!


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37 thoughts on “Cannigram: Serves you Right! EPIC saga of kinky cann madness”

  1. If you have the other half of the content available on Patreon, then what the hell is the point of having a membership here?

    1. We made a patreon for people who cannot use Verotel. But we do not want members here to think we are trying to charge them twice. We simply wanted to spark interest by having a full release a little earlier on patreon. But we decided against it because we do not want members here to feel they are being coaxed into spending on two memberships. Hopefully that makes sense. So far we have over 50 panels of this comic and we have posted them all here AND on patreon for members who cannot use Verotel. As we work on more we will post a part 2 and so on.

    1. Yes. So far…we are two people so we post as we create. We will have a continuation of the tale though in the future. Thanks

  2. how can i buy the second part? I bought the first part here with out a member ship, now i would pay for part two too

  3. Hello everybody, I am very impatient Chef LeFleur come back.
    When will be the next update for Olivia recipe and for the restaurant reopen?
    Thanks very much for this beautiful cartoons.

  4. Amazing!!!! I love that Brad was served too. I wish there was more time with the sister, but no real complaints. You drew her breasts so appetizing. I was salivating.

    Please do more comics! This one was the reason I joined.

  5. Awesome job! Beautiful art and a fun story. Great surprise ending with brad. I love seeing guys and girls cooking together (even if it was only for one picture).

  6. Very good job. Thanks.
    Good if there will be photos of Olivia beginning of eaten.
    Hope it will continue.
    Thanks yet for the works.

  7. Fantastic and lovely. I am just getting into animation software. Can you tell me what software is used for this artwork, and I can’t believe the young model characters are included in it. Or were they home made? thanks

  8. Hello Agatha, Cannigram is a hit. Hope it will be concluded. And yes, cutting and eating scenes with the still living victims would be very welcomed. Especially when the guest talking to the “meat” how good it tastes. The more details the better….

    Try to get a solid ground with this skills.

    best wishes,

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