‘The Cann Cafe’ – [20 minute movie]

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When Melody’s after school tutor takes a new job at the Cann Cafe, the innocent schoolgirl is embarrassed to find herself on the menu. Could this be the most shocking, perverse, kinktastic PulpToon motion picture ever produced? You must watch the film to find out the twisted secret! Enjoy this latest foray into the finest in motion picture entertainment from PulpToon.com.

Alex Coal as Melody
Mike Panic as Mr. Drake

Agatha Delicious


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4 thoughts on “‘The Cann Cafe’ – [20 minute movie]”

  1. This is between and 4 and a 5, so, as usual, I round up: 5. I’m not a big fan of the Dolcett World, so that would have been the 1/2 a point off.
    The pluses – and there were many: The actor was better than I expected after having seen him before…I think an actual script helped him a lot and it was nice to see what he could do. The actress was also very good…and I enjoyed her spunky moments like “Hey!” 🙂 Agatha, your special effects get better every time I think…the steam was a nice touch. Nice to see you using multiple sets. They added different looks to the story. You came up with a very interesting way to end this film. 🙂 Nicely done!

  2. Love the twist at the end…But what are the chances of a naked girl in a cannibal town? I would love I follow up on that story.

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