Fantasy Island! (AKA Temptation Island)

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In our torrid tale, Codi Vore and Summer Hart have journeyed to a popular tropical vacation spot called Temptation Island. Their friends, Mocha Menage and Harmony Cage, welcome them to their home. Codi and Summer are impressed at the beautiful Amazonian paradise and want to see some of the traditional cultural attractions. Mocha and Harmony look at each other and agree that their visiting friends are perfect candidates for a very special ritual. Codi and Summer are taken to a hidden hut. They marvel at how authentic everything is. They have only seen the modern cities of Temptation Island, but nothing this authentic yet. But when Mocha and Harmony reappear in their ceremonial attire, the two native Amazons take on a new persona. The two native women, who seemed modern and Americanized before, giggle as they suddenly strip the two confused american girls, who simply go along, not knowing what they are really in for. Then, Codi and Summer are made to climb into a giant cauldron. The Amazons start to poke and squeeze the curvy young beauties like pieces of meat, and it is not until the girls are tied up and the water is BOILING that they realize that they are going to be DINNER for the Island! Mocha and Harmony tease and laugh at their prey, stirring the pot, groping the girls’ big juicy breasts and rumps and soft bellies, and adding veggies and broth to the soup as the crying and wriggling girls sob and beg. Soon the poor girls sink into the soup and Mocha and Harmony then taste and enjoy the soup, confident that these outsiders will feed their tribe for days to come!


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