The Troll Wife’s Troubles Part One and Two

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— The Troll Wife’s Troubles starring Miss Mercy, Quinn Rain and Count Gregor! Part One

The Troll has taken a sweet young human woman for his wife! He was tempted to EAT her right away but decided to keep her around for wifely pleasure and duties. Besides, they have a nice plump girl in the dungeon for their feast day. The only problem is, this wifey likes to eat girl as much as her husband….she wont eat the usual girl-food he has for her, (pastries). So the troll goes out to hunt and leaves his new slave woman home alone with their prize. Will Wifey risk getting in BIG trouble and possibly eaten herself by cooking up the feast girl while her husband is out?


Looks like Wifey has really over-stepped her boundaries! She has the poor, defenseless, big breasted cutie Quinn on the platter and basted. Now this delectable treat is ready for the oven! But when Wifey’s Troll Husband comes home he smells the cooking and knows that his slave wife COOKED the girl they were saving for their feast day! Oh boy, is this wife ever in trouble! And if you are guessing what kind of trouble she is in, you are probably right. The troll figures he may as well eat Quinn since she is cooked…but he also decides to have dessert!.


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