Heathen Holidays!

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Holiday greetings from Agatha Delicious:
I am one lucky X-mas witch. Yes, x-mas witches do exist, and you can guess what we like to have for our holiday feasts. That’s right; tender, young, supple, squealing blondes! What a catch for this season! I recently caught Shay Golden, who just turned 21 and stepped into the wrong alley on X-mas eve. I also have the delicious and athletic, petite little beauty, Tasia Lockran, for my pan. These two will cook up so well together! I will prepare them, cook them and taste them right before your eyes! Enjoy .


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3 thoughts on “Heathen Holidays!”

  1. Great content, i love the oven scene the most with 2 squirming piggies! Only thing missing is a garnish for those lovely filet’s

  2. Yummy College Girl

    During my college days in the 60s there was a poster that was at a novelty/book store that displayed a naked girl arrayed on a chef’s table. While she was on the table in a seated position with her beautiful backside, rump and shoulder canted to show her lovely breast, one couldn’t help but notice that her body had dotted lines displaying certain portions, such as shoulder, rump, breast, ribs, etc.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to do a display with some of your models depicting these drawn lines in a storefront setting or such!


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