Creatures from Underland!

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22 minuets of kinky fun! Audus Isaiah, Agatha Delicious and Cricket Rose star in a fantastical and kinky tale of peril! Audus is sleeping soundly one night when Agatha, an evil, hungry BITCH troll from the land of Underland, crawls out from under her bed! Audus , being young, meaty, Latina and innocent, is the perfect spicy and tender meal for ¬†Agatha! The girl is taunted and teased and made to pleasure the she-troll before she cooks her victim in the girl’s own human kitchen. But Agatha decides she wants to cook this hottie in a special way…so she summons Cricket, the pink fairy of the feast, to help her cook this damsel. The sexy, curvy and evil fairy is happy to help, but has to remind Agatha not to let her troll-like ways get the best of her, for Agatha keeps getting hungry and trying to bite the victim raw! The monsters taunt, baste and tease poor Audus as they tenderize her from the inside out with a big dildo. Then they gag her and ready her for the hot oven! After the feats, both monsters are satisfied, but Agatha, being a troll, is game fro dessert as she looks her fairy freind over!.

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